Small Business

Small Business Law

Small Business Law and Litigation:

Advising small business owners through all phases of ownership including but not limited to origination, taxes, hiring, expansion and sale.

Move Your Business In the Right Direction

Mitchell Law Office, P.C. emphasizes the need for experienced advice on structuring a business entity.

That experience is provided through over 50 years of assistance in most aspects of business development, including:

  • Business formation
  • Incorporation
  • Limited liability companies
  • Corporate law
  • Contracts
  • Closely-held business
  • Sale of entities
  • Business estate planning
  • Buy-sell agreements

Hiring Mitchell Law Office, P.C. for your legal business needs means that you retain experienced legal counsel who has encountered the many difficulties of keeping small business successful.

There is simply no substitute for experience in avoiding pitfalls and developing a plan of action, and with guidance in attacking the various business challenges which ultimately always occur.

Experience provides knowledge of consequences of various alternatives, as well as many non-published solutions.

When your business is your life, trust experience

Mitchell Law Office, P.C. wants to see your business grow. Contact Mt. Vernon’s noted small business litigation law firm to get knowledgeable legal guidance in the operational needs of your company.


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