Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, and Administration

Use an Experienced Lawyer in Estate Planning

Mitchell Law Office provides experienced and thoughtful services in all aspects of estate planning, ranging from the initial planning process through the execution of applicable documents. Then counseling with the family following the loss of a loved one through the processing of necessary paperwork to finalize the designed plan. It is most important to utilize an EXPERIENCED lawyer in the estate planning legal efforts.

There are many options in the estate planning decision process: Will vs. Trust – Family or Separate Trusts – Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts – Probate vs. Avoidance – Retention of control – who will be executor/trustee – fees – creditor risks – minors – transfer taxes – who receives and when – trustee, family vs. bank, one vs. two, limitations on authority – grandchildren, spouses of children, charity, pets, special needs, state reimbursement, and the perpetual “unusual” situation of many families.

Estate Law

While family dynamics certainly differ, experience provides many guidelines for discussion in making these many decisions.

Representation has ranged from $50,000,000 trust administration and disagreements to $50,000 probate avoidance, and all unfortunate family disputes in-between.

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